Dell 1.98m C13 coupler C14 coupler Power Cable 450-ABLC


Dell 1.98m C13 coupler C14 coupler Power Cable 450-ABLC

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Dell 1.98m C13 coupler C14 coupler Power Cable 450-ABLC

Technical Specifications

Product: Dell 450-ABLC

Cable length: 1.98 m

Connector 1: C13 coupler

Connector 2: C14 coupler

Input voltage: 250 V

Input operating current: 10 A

Features & Design

Power your Dell™ systems with the 250 V Power Cord from Dell. It is designed to provide electrical connectivity to your equipment. This power cord provides an input voltage of 250 V and measures 2 meter in length.


This product is compatible with the following systems:

BSN Controller Node

BSN Recorder Node

BSN Services Node

Networking X1018

Networking X1026

Networking X1052

Networking X4012

PowerEdge C4130

PowerEdge C6320P

PowerEdge R210

PowerEdge R230

PowerEdge R240

PowerEdge R250

PowerEdge R330

PowerEdge R340

PowerEdge R350

PowerEdge R430

PowerEdge R440

PowerEdge R530

PowerEdge R540

PowerEdge R610

PowerEdge R630

PowerEdge R640

PowerEdge R6415

PowerEdge R6525

PowerEdge R730

PowerEdge R730XD

PowerEdge R740

PowerEdge R740XD

PowerEdge R740xd2

PowerEdge R7415

PowerEdge R7425

PowerEdge R840

PowerEdge R930

PowerEdge R940

PowerEdge R940xa

PowerEdge T130

PowerEdge T140

PowerEdge T150

PowerEdge T310

PowerEdge T330

PowerEdge T340

PowerEdge T430

PowerEdge T440

PowerEdge T610

PowerEdge T630

PowerEdge T640

PowerEdge XR2

PowerSwitch N1500 Series

PowerSwitch N2000 Series

PowerSwitch N2024

PowerSwitch N2024P

PowerSwitch N2048

PowerSwitch N2048P

PowerSwitch N3000 Series

PowerSwitch N3024

PowerSwitch N3024EF-ON

PowerSwitch N3024ET-ON

PowerSwitch N3024F

PowerSwitch N3024P

PowerSwitch N3048

PowerSwitch N3048ET-ON

PowerSwitch N3048P

PowerSwitch S4048T-ON

PowerSwitch S5212F-ON

PowerSwitch S5224F-ON

PowerSwitch S5232F-ON

PowerSwitch S5248F-ON

PowerSwitch S5296F-ON

PowerSwitch S6100-ON

PowerSwitch Z9100-ON

PowerVault MD3420

PowerVault ME5012

PowerVault ME5024

PowerVault NX440

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